So you want to start a district policy?

TSER’s Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Transgender-Inclusive Policy at Your K-12 School


If you want TSER’s Assistance for creating a policy, click here.

1. Contact your school district’s superintendent and/or other board members to inform them about the policy and ask questions about their rules for passing policies.

2. Have a board member author and review the policy (this can be copied from a model policy, here). Get their opinions.

3. Have a board member put the policy on the board’s agenda for the next meeting (generally, school boards meet once a month).

4. The first reading will happen when the policy is introduced. Now is the time to get all the board members’ opinions. Generally, the policy will not be passed on the first reading. If you do not like the policy that has been written, between now and the second reading is your time to change it.

5. It is important to try pass the policy on the second reading. If you see resistance in your community or school board, please don’t hesitate to bring in community members to speak on the behalf of the policy. Usually once your policy is passed, it goes into effect!