TSER facilitates several workshops, each of which is a collaborative learning (and fun!) experience between attendees and workshop hosts.

We facilitate workshops at conferences, events, schools, colleges, universities, and more!

Workshops we host:

Transgender 101
Transgender 101 addresses the basics of trans identities. What does it mean to be trans? What identities can fall under the trans umbrella? What does trans history look like? What is it like to transition? This workshop will help answer these questions and much more!

Queer/Trans Organizing for a New Generation (workshop or speech)
These workshops focus on the history of trans identities and the organizing that has grown out of the queer/trans movement and culture. We will bring into thought the importance of intersectionality and working in collaboration with other communities with a critical lens on different styles of organizing. Depending on the event, the focus of this workshop can change to specifically focus on trans people to encompassing the whole queer community. For larger audiences, this workshop can be presented as a speech/presentation.

Note: This workshop can be focused on the trans community or the queer community as a whole.

Queer/Trans Media 201 – Beyond the Basics
Media 201 is a workshop geared towards those involved in media work and writing ranging from professionals to personal blogging. This workshop addresses and deconstructs queerphobic, transphobic, cissexist, and heterosexist language that is often used in telling queer and trans narratives and provides queer-friendly alternatives. In this workshop, participants collaborate to find out how media can be a great tool for queer justice.

Note: This workshop can be focused on the trans community or the queer community as a whole.

Safe Schools for Trans Students
Safe Schools for Trans Students addresses issues that might come up in the classroom for trans students and how to address those issues. We collaboratively discuss terminology, community policy work, and legal issues.

What’s Wrong with Rights?
Isn’t equality what we’re aiming for? Many activists say no! What’s Wrong with Rights? looks at the ways in which large “LGBT” nonprofits leave out many people with intersecting identities and how we can make this a movement that works to liberate all marginalized groups. Participants will discuss their own experiences as activists and how their work fits into a services/rights/justice organizational framework. We intend to build off of the collective knowledge of the audience to broaden attendees’ understandings of activism within their communities. We will examine the nonprofit industrial complex and the ways in which pinkwashed change may be disrupting justice-based activism. We will also look at critical areas of concern such as marriage equality, education, hate crime legislation, police, and the military.

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