Trans Student Educational Resources is the only national organization led entirely by transgender youth. While TSER members do have specific roles, we purposely do not have an executive director or management to make sure all levels of the organization have a voice and operate collectively. Below are our current team members. If you’d like to contact us, you can email TSER [at]

Board Members

  • Lily Zheng
    Lily Zheng
    she/her ⚫ Board Member ⚫ San Fransico Bay Area, CA
  • D. Beltran
    D. Beltran
    he/him ⚫ Board Member ⚫ Chicago, IL
  • Noor Pervez
    Noor Pervez
    he/him ⚫ Board Member
  • Ora Battle
    Ora Battle
    they/them, she/her ⚫ Board Member ⚫ Washington, DC
  • Riya Mathur
    Riya Mathur
    Board Member
  • Maverick Tang
    Maverick Tang
    they/them ⚫ Board Member ⚫ Seattle/Bellingham, WA
  • Ezra Morales
    Ezra Morales
    he/him, ey/em ⚫ Board Member and Trans Youth Leadership Summit Coordinator ⚫ Austin, TX
  • Armani Brookes
    Armani Brookes
    she/her ⚫ Board Member ⚫ Spokane, WA


  • Tam Handres
    Tam Handres
    they/them ⚫ Illustrator ⚫ Washington, DC
  • Kristoff Smith
    Kristoff Smith
    he/him ⚫ Illustrator ⚫ North Carolina
  • Koda Calma
    Koda Calma
    he/him ⚫ Pennsylvania
  • Kara Chang
    Kara Chang
    she/her ⚫ Los Angeles, CA
  • Kai River Blevins
    Kai River Blevins
    they/them ⚫ Salem, OR
  • Erika Feinbman
    Erika Feinbman
    they/them ⚫ Washington, DC
  • Gabriele Cano
    Gabriele Cano
    they/them ⚫ Miami, FL
  • Eri Svenson
    Eri Svenson
    they/them ⚫ Chicago, IL
  • Emet Tauber
    Emet Tauber
    he/him ⚫ New York, NY
  • Dante Addams
    Dante Addams
    they/them ⚫ Graphic Designer ⚫ Bronx, NY
  • Calliope Wong
    Calliope Wong
    she/her ⚫ Illustrator ⚫ New Haven, CT
  • Aubrey Sassoon
    Aubrey Sassoon
    she/her ⚫ Los Angeles, CA
  • Harper Rubin
    Harper Rubin
    they/them ⚫ Program Director ⚫ Chicago, IL
  • Eli Erlick
    Eli Erlick
    she/her ⚫ Director, Co-founder ⚫ Los Angeles, CA
  • Shanon Okay
    Shanon Okay
    she/her ⚫ Shipping Manager ⚫ Oakland, CA
  • Ezra Morales
    Ezra Morales
    he/him, ey/em ⚫ Board Member and Trans Youth Leadership Summit Coordinator ⚫ Austin, TX
  • Dani Henri Sommerville
    Dani Henri Sommerville
    he/him ⚫ General Member ⚫ Detroit, MI
  • Syd Arrojo
    Syd Arrojo
    they/them ⚫ Financial Director ⚫ Seattle, WA
  • Xuan Wang
    Xuan Wang
    they/them ⚫ Event Coordinator East ⚫ New York, NY
  • Daniel Au Valencia
    Daniel Au Valencia
    they/them ⚫ Event Coordinator West ⚫ Los Angeles, CA
  • Xavier Lee Kennedy
    Xavier Lee Kennedy
    they/them, he/him ⚫ Tumblr Manager ⚫ Baltimore, MD
  • Kaede Acuna
    Kaede Acuna
    they/them ⚫ Facebook Manager ⚫ Fresno, CA
  • Gavin Zindle
    Gavin Zindle
    he/him ⚫ Instagram Manager ⚫ Las Vegas, NV
  • Beatrice Haro
    Beatrice Haro
    she/her ⚫ Social Media Manager ⚫ Berkeley, CA
  • Josie Hoskins
    Josie Hoskins
    she/her, they/them ⚫ Web Site Designer ⚫ Kansas City, MO