Who We Are

Trans Student Educational Resources is the only national organization entirely led by trans youth. While TSER members do have specific roles, we purposely do not have an executive director or management to make sure all levels of the organization have a voice and operate collectively. Below are our current team members. If you’d like to contact us, you can email TSER [at] transstudent.org.



Alex Sennello
Chicago, IL
Co-founder, Case Manager, Writer
She/Her Pronouns


Alex Sennello is a Chicago based writer, photographer, and activist – as a queer and gender-independent individual, she has been involved in the queer community since her early teens. She co-founded TSER in 2011 based on her lived experiences as a trans teen. After facing violence based on her gender and presentation in public high school, she became interested in using her skills to help other trans youth experience all of what their communities have to offer.

Aubrey Sassoon
Los Angeles, CA
She/Her Pronouns


Aubrey is an activist based out of Los Angeles, CA where she will be graduating from UCLA with a B.A. in Anthropology in Summer 2016. She’s involved in equity, diversity, and inclusion programs both in Student Affairs, where she is building her career, and Academic Affairs on the university’s Committee on Diversity and Equal Opportunity. Off campus she works with transgender teens and older youth and their families at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in a support community based around family healing.

D. Beltran
Chicago, IL
Board Member
He/Him Pronouns


Beltran is a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago majoring in biology and minoring in art and is on the fast track for a masters in biomedical visualization. He began to understand his identity as a trans person when he was a sophomore in high school. He feels being trans is a blessing that has allowed him to take on a wider and brighter perspective of the world, and with that, he can appreciate the people in his life so much deeper. He found comfort through art and look up to SnaiLords, his trans role model whose art has gotten him through hard times.

Calliope Wong
New Haven, CT
She/Her Pronouns


Calliope Wong is a Chinese-American writer, painter, and musician based in Connecticut. She has been involved in queer activism since coming out in high school: in her senior year she started a national campaign promoting fair admissions policies for trans women at Smith and other historical women’s colleges. Calliope believes that education is participatory, and that trans students must be allowed to participate as full members of their communities.

Charlie Kerr
Baltimore, MD
She/Her Pronouns


Charlie Kerr is a Baltimore-based organizer, trans activist, and law student. She was the lead student organizer on the successful campaign to create a permanent LGBTQ Resource Center at her undergraduate alma mater, CUNY Brooklyn College. As a law student, she wants to bring a radical trans perspective to critical legal theory and use her legal experience to assist local, grassroots organizations serving and helping to empower marginalized queer communities in Baltimore.

Eli Erlick
Los Angeles, CA/San Francisco, CA
Director, Co-founder, Site Manager
She/Her Pronouns


Eli Erlick co-founded TSER in 2011 due to her experiences facing intersecting forms of violence in schools that lacked vital knowledge of trans issues or communities. Coming out as trans and queer at age eight to a rural community, she has been directly involved in queer and trans advocacy since a young age. She is a former student media ambassador and a current National Advisory Council member for GLSEN and a Youth Advisory Council member for The Trevor Project. She believes transgender liberation is a process of collective action across communities.

Emet Tauber
New York, NY
He/Him Pronouns


Emet is a transgender femme pansexual man from New York City. His interest in trans justice and trans students specifically comes from his own coming out almost 5 years ago as the first openly transgender student at a private jewish school. Since then, Emet has been involved with organizations like GLSEN (The Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network) and The Attic Youth Center to make sure that trans students have a voice and are able to be themselves in school.

Eri Svenson
Chicago, IL
They/Them Pronouns


Eri is a New York-born, Chicago-based non-binary trans activist. They have been involved in LGBTQAIA activism for the past three years, including experience with grassroots organizing, education and outreach, campus-based action and advisory positions. Presently, Eri is working towards a dual major in Sociology and Women/Gender Studies with a specialized focus on the intersection of social class and queer identities, and is especially interested in how non-normative sexual and gender identities organize life outside the middle class. Throughout all of their work, they are committed to an intersectional, anti-oppression approach.

Gabriele Cano
Miami, FL
They/Them Pronouns


Gabriele Cano is a Mexican-American non-binary activist. They are based in the Miami, FL area. They are a member of the executive board of the GSA at their high school, they are a cast member of the sociodrama Living Rainbow, and they serve on the youth council of Pridelines Youth Services. Above all, they aspire to tear down the oppression that has subjugated the queer community through their writing and the activism that is part of their daily life.

12322779_10153991775471495_680368976327454949_o (2) Harper Zacharias
Deerfield, IL/Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Project Director
They/Them Pronouns


Harper is a Chicago-born activist currently attending Bard College in New York. They are studying Globalization and International Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies. They have been involved in LGBTQ+ and political activism since they were 15. In high school, they led their LGBTQ+ and Straight Alliance as well as helped in the installation of gender-neutral bathrooms and locker-room reform. In college, they play DIII tennis and are one of Bard’s first transgender athletes. They are also a member of Bard’s Trans Life Collective and Queer Student Alliance.

Landyn Pan
Seattle, WA/Los Angeles, CA
Development Director and Creative Director
He/Him Pronouns


Landyn Pan is an activist, artist, and student based in Southern California. Originally from Seattle, Landyn was a GSA leader at his high school and was heavily involved in the film festival scene through working with Seattle International Film Festival. Landyn joined TSER as a graphic designer in early 2013 and was a pivotal part of TSER’s expansion into national recognition. His creations for TSER have been published and distributed by organizations and schools across the country and has been used in gender and sexuality curriculums for students of all ages.
Today, he acts as development director, helping to expand TSER’s membership base, and as creative director, overseeing all visual content created at TSER. In addition, he continues to speak on panels, at events, and writes and hosts his own workshops. He currently attends Chapman University and is passionate about storytelling through various art forms such as film, photography, and media literacy education.
Photography website
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Lily Zheng
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Board Member
She/Her Pronouns


Lily is an activist, professional consultant and social psychology student at Stanford University. She is the author of “Inter-sex-tionality,” a weekly column in the Stanford Daily on activism, queer & trans issues and social justice, and works at Stanford’s SPARQ lab on original social psychological research.

Kai River Blevins
Salem, OR
They/Them Pronouns


Kai River Blevins is a genderqueer/transfeminine poet and activist living in Northwest Oregon. They have been working on social justice issues in the LGBTQIA+ community since 2011. During their 6 years in the military, they shifted their activism from an emphasis on equality to their current intersectional approach advocating equity and justice. They are finishing their B.A. in Political Science and Sociology, with a certificate in Democracy and Social Movements, at the University of Colorado-Denver.

Kara Chang
Los Angeles, CA
She/Her Pronouns


Kara is a queer, Taiwanese-American, transfemme activist. Born and raised in Sugar Land, Texas, she is graduating with a degree in Communication Studies with a double minor in LGBT Studies and Education from UCLA. She currently serves the trans community as a Peer Educator at Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team and most recently competed in the Miss QUEST 2016 trans-advocacy pageant where she won the award of 1st Runner-Up.

Max Yearian
San Francisco, CA
Board Member
He/Him Pronouns

Max Yearian is a trans-identified youth who has been very involved in the LGBTQ community since coming out at 15. He recently relocated from Washington to San Francisco and started a Queer Straight Alliance at his high school, the only student-led club at the school. He works as an intern at the Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC), a queer youth organization in the Castro District. Max views TSER as a vital resource for trans students and a steppingstone toward equity for all students.
Paulina Angel
Indio/Palm Springs, CA
She/Her Pronouns


Paulina Angel is a Trans Queer Woman from the Coachella Valley. She is a Trans & Queer Activist, as well as a songwriter & singer. She is a former senator of the Sacramento organization, Student Senate for California Community Colleges as the first transwoman elected to office. She is currently a writer for the Palm Springs publication, Desert Outlook, volunteers with Human Rights Campaign & The LGBT Community Center of the Desert, and director of Trans Community Project. She has been advocating for LGBTQIA Rights since 2006 and hopes to make a thriving career out of it.

Tan Handres
Washington, D.C.
They/Them Pronouns

Tan Handres is a current undergrad, activist, and illustrator located outside of Washington, D.C. As a high school student, Tan found it difficult to communicate their experience as a non-binary identified person with their peers. In college, they became involved in GSM and trans-oriented student organizations, and found a passion for expanding awareness through leadership and education. They hope to use their creative talents to reach out to the GSM community as well as society at large to bring impactful, positive change to trans people’s lives.

Tena Gordon
Grant Writer
Zhe/Zhir Pronouns

Tena Gordon is a black, Desi teen activist smashing the kyriarchy daily. Likewise, zhe is genderfluid and has novo- and abro- attraction orientations. Being Jamaican American, Tena prides zhirself in intersectional feminism, especially empowering queer people of color. Zhe founded Me=You: Sexual Violence Awareness (MYSVA), a teen-lead organization, back in 2014, and coordinates online and offline events. Also, zhe is a co-founder and currently a council member for The Everyone Alliance League (TEAL), a new chapter of Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) at West Shore Sr. High School. With plans to earn a doctorate in Gender Studies, Tena dual enrolls at Eastern Florida State College in their Associate of Arts program.