Designed collaboratively by TSER members, drawing by Tan Handres, based on Juniper Cordova-Goff

In March 2016, North Carolina passed one of the most violent anti-queer/trans measures in history. It not only barred local anti-discrimination laws but also banned trans people from using restrooms that correlate with their gender. We launched Trans Here and Now to combat these measures by reclaiming space. Trans youth came together to make these stickers and now it’s your turn to spread the word! We will be mailing thousands of these stickers along with resource guides to collectives, groups, organizations, and centers throughout the states so youth can push back against transphobia!

As an organization, we’re not supposed to encourage you to graffiti these stickers all over restrooms, locker rooms, legislative buildings, schools, colleges, senators’ offices, and other public places. However, we certainly can’t stop you if you do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Order your stickers below! You can donate $2+ for 5 stickers, $3.50+ for 10, and $6+ for 25. Unfortunately we can only ship up to 25 at a time. If you’d like to order more, please make multiple orders. All proceeds go to our trans youth-led programs. If you are a group, collective, or organization and would like to order more, please email us at TSER [at] More stickers are coming soon! You can also order other buttons and stickers here.

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