TSER’s trans-related infographic series. We encourage you to share and print these graphics! Below are the released infographics and corresponding references.

You are free to use these graphics in any manner (even commercially) as long as they include credit and are not altered. You may also want to check out our Trans Facts and Teacher Tips pages! Click on the graphic to view full size, related references, links, and discussion.

Gender 101

Why Trans People Need More Visibility

The Gender Unicorn

Gender Pronouns

Support for Trans Youth
Queer Youth of Color

Gender Grammar

The Myth of Trans Regrets

5 Things You Should Know About Trans People
Phobia and Sexism

Did You Know…

5 Ways to Make Schools Safer for LGBTQ Youth

Be an Ally: Know When to Speak Up

Immigration & Transgender People in the United States
Title IX: Know Your Rights Trans & Gender Non-Conforming Youth