Lately, Trans Student Educational Resources’ Gender Unicorn has been getting a lot of attention, some from Fox News, some from Evangelical Christians like Franklin Graham and other far-right Christian groups. Along with this, some non-religiously affiliated individuals like The Blaze’s Matt Walsh who has previously published transphobic articles attacking trans students (that TSER has responded to) wrote scathing articles about the unicorn. One individual asserted that our graphic is “the spirit of the anti Christ and the spirit of sexual perversion led by the sick world of LGBT and demon possession.” Another claimed it represents “the religion of sex.” We would like to take this moment to re-emphasize our mission and support for schools.
Our graphic is used as a training tool and educational resource for thousands schools globally at all levels of education from kindergarten through university. Our resources have been available in schools like Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools as well as institutions of higher education such as Wesleyan, Harvard, and Chapman Universities for years. The Gender Unicorn was created by a team of young transgender TSER volunteers to comprehensively illustrate and discuss the separation between sexuality, gender, and sex assigned at birth in 2014 and has gone viral since its release. The goal of the graphic is to help create a healthy educational environment for young trans people through facilitating understanding and suggesting small shifts from gendered rhetoric towards gender neutral terminology. We, in fact, are notpsychologically abusive predators who wish to pollute [students’] minds and rob their innocence and their moral sanity.” Trans Student Educational Resources is a youth-led organization dedicated to transforming the educational environment for trans and gender nonconforming students through advocacy and empowerment. This mission has been present in all of our endeavors and resources.
We want to publicly thank Superintendent Ann Clark and all staff involved in setting up this training for faculty of the CMS school district for supporting the transgender students in their district and navigating the thousands of complaints they are getting from transphobic individuals in their community in an attempt to create a more knowledgeable and compassionate staff for students. We offer our support and advice to any school officials or staff who are working to do the same in their communities. We also offer our support to any students seeking to change their academic environment or institutional policy.
In support of the school district, TSER will be sending 200 stickers and 50 buttons along with 100 printouts of the Gender Unicorn to Charlotte Mecklenburg School in order to help them continue their efforts of educating their faculty and staff. While CMS has stated they’re only using these materials for adults, we encourage our resources to be used at any age level.


Project Director
Trans Student Educational Resources